Saturday, March 14, 2009

No Swimming in this $82,000 Golden Swimsuit

It's hard to find the perfect suit, but this gold weave suit out of Japan is apparently "better than feeling a million diamonds" and "like swimming in gold." Well it's more than "like" swimming in gold -- if you get in the water while wearing this baby you actually are swimming in gold -- the precious metal is woven right into the fabric. Valued at $82,000 the suit goes through a month-long weaving process where gold fibers about the size of a human hair are incorporated into the material. And also available in the same sparkling golden fabric is an even more expensive long dress valued at $243,900.

I wonder if they're scratchy or silky? And an important note from the designers on the swimsuit: it's not meant to go in the water.

What?! ...whatever.

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