Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kurta Shalwar, a 2nd class dress

Kurta Shalwar is the national dress of Pakistan, still one sees very less of it in our corporate office environment. Why this discrimination? No explanation, but lame excuses.

I don't have anything against the prevalent Pant Shirt, Court and Tie culture, which some say is purely Westernized, but there should not be a complete bias/ ban against our National Dress. Ok, I also give it to them that Pant Shirt looks more professional and tidy to be worn in the office environment, but atleast on Fridays Kurta Shalwar should be allowed.

Jumma (Friday) has a special importance in the life of a Muslim and Islam has placed special emphasis on organizing, preparing and saying the Jumma (Friday) prayer. For this day atleast, wearing Shalwar Qameez in corporate offices should be allowed and left to the person's choice. Other than this, Pant Shirt is fine and should be followed strictly, nothing against that.

What say you ?

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