Saturday, March 14, 2009

Balochi what?

As my trips to Iran and Zahedan("doozdab") increased, so did my will to get to keep my roots stronger. Coming back home from the trips, I realized how unusual it really was to stay connected to the balochi culture or identity. Sure, Pakistani Balochis has a lot of sites etc but not much about Iranian Balochs. I wonder why. Especially the Iranian Balochi girls, that were never mentioned or participated at any site at all....

So after wasting a lot of time googling "balochi clothes", "balochi people zahedan" (without any results), I decided to create my own blog. I knew that young people in my age, living outside Iran and Balochistan lacked a place to get info about the latest balochi music, clothes or the changes that are faced.

The balochi dress with its unique embroidment is not getting the attention that it deserves, nor the does the Iranian balochs. It is sad. But I hope that I, with a little effort or time, can make someone out there happy and excited.

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