Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Most Expensive Dress a Marilyn Monroe Original

This morning I became fascinated by the idea of finding out the most expensive dress ever. I’m not sure what prompted this question in my brain, yet there it was nonetheless begging an answer. And by Jove, I think we’ve got it!

In a unique TV event, Christie’s did a live broadcast of the fifty-five lots from The Personal Property of Marilyn Monroe auction on October 27, 1999. Up for auction was the Eternity Band given to Monroe by her third husband Joe DiMaggio which went for $700,000; her Happy Birthday Mr. President Invitation which ended up going for $115,000 and the most exciting auction of the evening was Marilyn’s Happy Birthday Mr. President dress which she wore at the infamous birthday tribute to President John F. Kennedy at the Madison Square Gardens on May 19th, 1962.

The dress Marilyn Monroe donned that birthday evening was a full length evening sheath dress of flesh colored gauze encrusted with rhinestones embroidered in a rosette motif. The dress that Monroe sang the sweet “Happy Birthday Mr. President” song which now lives in infamy, was sold at Christie’s that October evening for $1,150,000. The dress was originally made for Monroe for approximately $2,500. Now, I call that a good investment.

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